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Welcome to the online portion of the Birth Education Center. We want to help you create a memorable birth experience for yourself and your baby(ies)! Your baby only gets one birth and we want to be a part your education. Please reach out if you have any questions or need more help with our courses. 

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Choosing a Conscious Birth & Postpartum

Welcome to our mini audio course, "Choosing a Conscious Birth and Postpartum."

In our modern world, in our society, and possibly with our own family and friends, they have instilled us with a lot of fear regarding birth.

We rely on people with medical degrees to organize and make all of our choices for our body and our experience. But that's not how it's meant to be. You are fully equipped with amazing intuition and insight into your body, your baby, and how you need to birth them. You are already empowered with direct intuition and you know your body best. You're the expert on you.

Get educated so you can release the power of your fear and make confident decisions as they're presented. Trust your gut and listen to what your baby is telling you. And let me remind you that you are enough to connect deeper with yourself and your baby. Let us help you understand some beautiful things about birth in our time together!

OMG! I'm Pregnant!!

8 Things To Get You Started...

Induction 101

Getting Education Ahead Of The Decision Making

Newborn Procedures

Understanding Bonding, Procedures and Your First Moments as a Family

Epidurals Explained

Everything You Need to Know To Make Your Choices Confidently

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